Peter Bowen Watercolour Artist

Peter Bowen watercolour artist enjoys drawing and painting quirky scenes of buildings with washing lines and works primarily in pen and ink and watercolour. Peter Bowen’s artistic work has been exhibited throughout north America and the United Kingdom.

“As long as I can remember I have always enjoyed drawing and painting and was encouraged by my father to draw and learn about watercolour”. “My father was very good at painting in oils and acrylics but encouraged me to master watercolour for it’s unforgiving nature that could be tamed with practice” says Peter Bowen.

At school his art teacher John Stops RWA a member of the Royal Academy encouraged him to experiment with painting techniques. John was a great influence and insisted that he pursue a career in graphic design – although Peter Bowen wanted to be an architect and study building design he did spend a lot of time look intensely at the structural characteristics and engineering of buildings to understand how to construct two dimensional renditions on paper.

It was this interest in buildings and structures that has led to his fascination with painting structures and being able to highlight the effects of weather and environment on buildings that is clearly shown in his whimsical portrayal of the buildings and their surrounding characteristics. There are certain characteristics in his paintings that are his trademarks and have to be studied carefully to see the three birds (always only three and never more) flying amongst the clouds and the washing lines with clean white clothes blowing in the wind.

Peter Bowen studied art and design at the former West of England College of Art in Bristol and graduated with a diploma that was converted to a Bachelor of Arts degree. Peter Bowen emigrated to Canada and embarked upon a career as a graphic designer, then a creative director in an advertising agency before starting his own advertising agency winning the Entrepreneur of the Year Award for developing a website in 1994…!!