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Discover the whimsical artwork of Peter Bowen and his many ceramic creations on this website.

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Peter Bowen

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peter bowen artistAs long as I can remember I have always enjoyed drawing and painting and was encouraged by my father to draw and learn about colour. At school by my art teacher John Stops RWA a member of the Royal Academy encouraged me to experiment with painting techniques. John was a great influence and insisted that I pursue graphic design as a career.

I studied art and design at the former West of England College of Art in Bristol and embarked on a career as a graphic designer. I had the good fortune to live and work in Canada for over 30 years alongside a wide range of illustrators and commercial artists including James McConnell a watercolour artist from Donegal.

As a professional watercolour artist, I live in the country near the beautiful cathedral city of Wells in Somerset.

My unique style of painting architectural subjects with humorous situations has earned me an international reputation with much of my original work in private collections in Canada, the United States and Great Britain.

I have always tried to encourage people I meet to take up drawing and painting and often hear the same comment “I can’t draw to save my life” often this is followed by “but someday I would like to learn how”.

I like to show people some basic concepts such as drawing with the side of a pencil instead of the point and looking at the negative shapes of a subject instead of the subject itself.

When I started receiving feedback that they were enjoying a new discovery within themselves, this prompted me to start thinking about the process of teaching others how to draw and paint.

To achieve this I started giving demonstrations and providing art classes after working all day as a graphic designer.

When I returned to live in England I discovered the vast resources and help that the Society for All Artists (SAA) can provide to artists from materials and instructional video programmes to contact with other artists and professionals. This has enabled me to provide a valuable resource tool to the participants of the art classes that I host.

My art class philosophy is to get participants to look at the elements of the scene and break it down into smaller parts as this tends to be a less daunting task than tackling the complete picture in one go.

Ideas for my own pictures often start as a collection of ideas of things that I have seen and I create a composition in my mind that I think would work.

I am a regular contributor to local art exhibitions and belong to several art associations and clubs in the Somerset area. This provides me with the opportunity to meet other artists and to promote the resources that the SAA has to offer.

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