Ceramic art is art made from ceramic materials, including clay. It may take forms including art ware, tile, figurines, sculpture, and tableware. Ceramic art is one of the arts, particularly the visual arts. While some ceramics are considered fine art, like pottery or sculpture, some are considered to be decorative, industrial or applied art objects. Ceramics may also be considered artefacts in archaeology. Ceramic art can be made by one person or by a group of people. In a pottery or ceramic factory, a group of people design, manufacture and decorate the art ware. Products from a pottery are sometimes referred to as “art pottery”. In a one-person pottery studio, ceramists or potters produce studio pottery.

Tick Tock Clock
Unique clock design by Peter Bowen, this amazing clock is 290mm high by 195mm wide and made from white earthenware clay fired with hand-painted glazes. Please note as these are ...
Night Glow
Night Glow is a tealight holder with colourful houses by day and a silhouette effect by night. Made from white earthenware clay and decorated with hand painted brush on glazes.
Round Bowl
A 28cm round dish with blue and green glazes. Stoneware ceramic dishwasher and microwave safe.
The Big Cheese
A unique style for a cheese and cracker dish with an interesting glaze pattern. 25cm x 10cm stoneware. Dishwasher safe.
Square Platter
A lovely unique design 29cm square stoneware ceramic platter with crystal glaze pattern. Dishwasher and microwave oven safe.
Butter Dish with Lid
A unique design with the embossed surface on the highly glazed gloss yellow lid on a deep blue gloss glaze dish. Suitable for a 500g brick of butter. Dishwasher and ...
Oval Bowl
210 x 270mm Oval Bowl with Blue, Green and White glazes. Microwave Oven and Dishwasher safe.
Small Plate
205mm Small Plate with Blue, Green and White glazes. Microwave Oven and Dishwasher safe.
250mm Plate with Blue, Green and White glazes. Microwave oven and dishwasher safe.
Oval Dish
Oval Dish measuring 195 x 270mm with blue and white glaze, microwave and dishwasher safe.
A teapot with a difference...